Everything starts with the brain. 

As a Certified Brain Health, Life Coach, and Youth Sports Safety Consultant, Carrie A. Boan Founder and NeuroLife Coach positions executives and entrepreneurs, who struggle with focus, anxiety, and mental clarity, to master their mind and conquer the inevitable crippling chaos that accompanies our crucial roles as family and business leaders. 

Mastering emotional Intelligence is an elusive golden key to unlock success and happiness, and my passion in life is to help you find that key strategically yet easily.

Proven by my audience feedback and former clients moving to success from stagnant and to scholarship from failing, I share with you simple yet effective life-long strategies for emotional mastery and achievement of excellence. 

“The Brain Diva Signature Programs”

“Take 5 to F.O.C.U.S.” - personal and professional effective communication tools

“Get Your Mind Right” - emotional intelligence in thoughts, words, actions

“One More Time - My Magical Key to Success” - pathways to excellence

My master programs coach you to reclaim control of your own brain - thoughts, words, and actions, positioning you for the opportunity to achieve maximum focus, clarity, control, and ultimately, highly respected and rewarding success.

We look at Four Pillars of Mental Fitness together - biological, psychological, spiritual, and social - to create a solid foundation you can build your life on.  Beginning with brain basics and defining mindset, newly formed neural pathways are created which will help you improve communication skills, eliminate limiting beliefs, and develop positive success habits.

Whether you're a new executive or a seasoned entrepreneur, youth sports coach or parent, everything starts with our brain.   Our thoughts, words, and actions shift and influence our achievement and happiness.

 Envision your family, work, business, and team communicating and operating seamlessly towards greatness.   Experience the excellence NeuroLife Coaching delivers to your world


Executives, entrepreneurs,

and Corporations

Focusing, gaining clarity, and calming anxiety in our face-paced, highly-competitive world is stressful.  C-suite executives, rising corporate employees, and creative entrepreneurs need maximized brain function and extraordinary social skills to gain control in pressure situations, leverage advantages, and close the deal.   What separates the successful from the average?   How do elite leaders gain respect while simultaneously gaining traction?  They've unlocked secrets to  mental and emotional mastery.  


Optimizing brain performance means maximizing performance on and off the field.  In the absence of injury, students can struggle with academic and athletic performance.  Add injury to the mix, a student athlete can suffer from depression, falling grades, and even suicidal thoughts.  Today's rapidly changing and research-filled sports landscape can keep players, parents, and coaches confused and frustrated trying to keep kids healthy and in the game.  Relax.  We have you covered.

"The Brain Diva" Media


ISKRA PEREZ-SALCEDO Entrepreneur, IPS Accounting & Consulting Services

ISKRA PEREZ-SALCEDO Entrepreneur, IPS Accounting & Consulting Services

“”I have had the pleasure of hearing Carrie A. Boan speak at the MARIE Talks. She gave several exercises that we were able to implement right away and make huge impacts in our lives. I felt that I received my return on investment from what she taught us. She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable of her subject matter. Truly worth your investment.”

Beth Ann Dice, PFT, LWM MISSION:midlife Wellness

Beth Ann Dice, PFT, LWM MISSION:midlife Wellness

“During my discovery call with Carrie, I had a major breakthrough regarding what my communications were missing.  If I can make that much progress in just the discovery call, I can’t wait to see how much my communications develop over the next several weeks!  I’m excited to put into practice what I’ve learned in just that 1 one hour.”

KELLY KELLEHER  Entrepreneur, Founder Adaptive Fitness


Entrepreneur, Founder Adaptive Fitness

“Carrie really made an impact with the group of women present. She gave us great strategies on how to improve our sales and communication skills which could be implemented immediately.”

KIMBERLY LUKHARD MS, RDN, LDN Youth sport dietitian, aka Hockey Mom, RD

KIMBERLY LUKHARD MS, RDN, LDN Youth sport dietitian, aka Hockey Mom, RD

“I have been working with Carrie, once a week for going on a month now. She has helped me break through many of my limiting beliefs by using her NeuroLife coaching. The exercises she taught me help me stop a limiting belief “in their tracks” even if I am driving my car. I am planning my first live workshop in March. I have participated in many courses to move my business forward, and Carrie’s NeuroLife coaching is the perfect fit to help me take my business to the next level. Thank you, Carrie.”

Jenn Starkey, FastPitchFit

Jenn Starkey, FastPitchFit

“Carrie inspires and provides solid positive strategies for rising
female athletes. She is an asset to any organization.”