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Carrie A. Boan, Emotional Intelligence speaker & coach


Everything starts with the brain.  That is my mantra. As a Certified Brain Health Expert, Life Coach, Speaker, and Youth Sports Safety Consultant,  I position executives and entrepreneurs, who struggle with focus, anxiety, and mental clarity, to master their mind and conquer their chaos creating a life they love personally and professionally.  Mastering emotional Intelligence is an elusive golden key to unlock success and happiness, and my passion in life is to help you find that key strategically yet easily.

Combining my extensive career in physical therapy, brain coaching, and life coaching with my years overcoming fear, abuse, and pain, I've created a master program equipping you to regain control of your own brain - your thoughts, words, and actions, positioning you for the opportunity to achieve maximum focus, clarity, and control in life.

Sincere energy, professionalism, and authenticity is found at the core of everything I bring to Emotional Intelligence Speaking and Coaching, starting with brain typing, analyzing nutrition, destroying limiting beliefs, and implementing positive habits!

By creating simple, daily strategies to help you dominate your thoughts, words, and actions, I coach you to design a life of focus, clarity, and control based on your personal and professional goals and dreams. Proven by my audience feedback and former clients moving to success from stagnant and to scholarship from failing, I share with you simple yet effective life-long strategies for emotional mastery and achievement of excellence. 

Through my 3 signature programs - “Take 5 to F.O.C.U.S.”, “Get Your Mind Right”, and “One More Time - My Magical Key to Success”, we look at Four Pillars of Mental Fitness together - biological, psychological, spiritual, and social - to create a solid foundation you can build your life on.  Beginning with brain basics and defining mindset, newly formed neural pathways are created which will help you improve communication skills, eliminate limiting beliefs, and develop positive success habits. In individual coaching, we create a nutrition, exercise, and focus plan to optimize your physical and mental fitness while taking into account your preferences and challenges. 

Dominate your thoughts, words, and actions, and design a life you love coached by someone who has done it herself - reach out immediately carrie@thebraindiva.com or schedule a free consultation at https://bookme.name/brainfitbody

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Carrie A. Boan, Founder The Brain Diva NeuroLife Coaching

Carrie A. Boan, Founder The Brain Diva NeuroLife Coaching

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Carrie A. Boan, NeuroLife Speaker & Coach

Certified Brain Health, Life Coach

Speaker, Brain Health Expert, Author

Youth Sports Injury Prevention Safety Educator