Food Is Brain Fuel

Can’t get enough of those cinnamon buns? Refuse to stop drinking those diet drinks? Frustrated because your brain is foggy and you can’t focus? Every single food that you put in your mouth and in your body affects your brain. Every single food or drink that you crave is a result of your brain function or lack there of. Food is fuel. You are what you eat. Garbage in garbage out.

All of these statements are so true, however, you need to know what you’re eating and what you’re craving is affecting your brain or is affected by your brain. Here’s how: your brain type matters. According to your brain type you will crave, or soothe yourself, or resist certain types of food simply because your neurotransmitters and hormone production is under active or overactive response to the food you crave or eat. You’re either feeding a craving due to the lack of production of a certain hormone, or you are giving life to your brain by providing much-needed nutrients. You can fog or you can thrive in your focus simply by feeding your brain what it needs.

How do you know what it needs? The first step is to determine your brain type through our brain type test which you can take here. Through the brain type test, we can determine which neurotransmitter letters are firing or not firing, and what hormones are over active or lacking. You will eat according to what you need to increase in order to satisfy your brain. That craving for cinnamon buns? Blame it on your brain. Your desire to chug three diet sodas a day? Blame it on your brain. Your positive focus after eating a healthy salad? Blame it on your brain. Your peaceful sleep at night because you ate early enough to allow your body to rest and digest? Blame on your brain.

Everything we eat and drink affects our brain. You can eat to exacerbate an issue or you can eat to stimulate your mind, however the choice is yours. You must know your brain type and how your brain functions in order to feed it properly. Know your brain, know your needs, and once you establish this you will be able to feel your brain with food that is wholesome, nutritious, and effective in feeling your brain.

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