Everything Starts With the Brain

Everything starts with our brain. I truly believe that, which is why my NeuroLife coaching is my passion. However, in my coaching, we dive deeper than the brain because you are not just your brain and body. You are so much more. Let me explain why understanding this is vital to your happiness and success.

Many years ago, I began reading Dr. Wayne Dyer, world renowned author and speaker who resigned as associate professor at St. John’s University in 1976 to write and teach self-reliance. One thing he stated years ago has always resonated with me as a spiritual and biological practitioner. Dr. Dyer said neurosurgeons can open the skull to see the brain, touch the areas of the brain that re-create movement, and know which parts of the brain control which parts of the body. Doctors know this, it is physically possible, and it is visible to the eye. But we cannot open the brain or the heart and find a tangible or visible thing that is our soul and is our very inner being. No one can hold our soul in their hands or find it within our body. As a NeuroLife coach, I believe this, understand this, and live this. Regardless of how much we “optimize your brain”, you still have a soul hidden invisibly in your brain, and that is truly where NeuroLife coaching must start. We coach to reveal your very best self, not to change who you are at the core.

Many of us were conditioned when we were young with thinking that does not align with our true beliefs, passions, and purpose. And that’s okay. But if we laid down pathways that are less than amazing to us now than when we were young, we have the daunting task of uncovering what we want, realigning with our soul, and laying down new neural pathways. If we ignore this, we are much less happy, fulfilled, and productive. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just part of our work here on earth. It’s part of our purpose, and we all have a purpose. Often in NeuroLife coaching, we not only uncover your purpose, we guide you to fulfill your purpose fearlessly!

How does this all connect with brain health? That part of you inside your brain that no one can find, that conditioning from your young years that formed your path ways of thinking about food, love, money, success, and health, combined to create either a healthy brain and a healthy life or a hurtful brain and a hurtful life both mentally and physically. A brain that does not function optimally and produce optimal thoughts can cause emotional stress, unnecessary anxiety, and physical pain. Even my youth athlete clients and adults in physical therapy, rehab, and recovery correlate success to their brain health and function!

Taking all this into consideration, my goal is never to change a person mentally or physically. When we start with acknowledging the intangible soul, initiate brain healthy living, and combine it with intentional thoughts, we can unlock our true potential which leads to a life filled with passion and purpose. We are so much more than a brain and body, but to live a life we love, everything starts with our brain.

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